Ron Turley founded RTA in 1979 from his success as UPS’ National Director of Maintenance – saving UPS over $100M…with today’s inflation that equals $300M.

While your family might throw politics into the mix of everyday conversation, we know the Turley family is non-stop fleet management talk. The fleet business continues through a family of generations. The Ron Turley spirit spreads to its worldwide customer base and continues your company’s growth, too!

With a start at UPS, where fleet management is an intricately detailed system, Ron Turley founded his company with knowledge. He didn’t need to gain experience. He had it!

RTA welcomes suggestions from our user base to boost the software’s features and its annual upgrades.

We know how to treat family well, as RTA lessens the everyday troubles by strengthening the success of your fleet management operation. Invite us over!