Whether you’re after the big picture or want to go over the finer points, RTA Dashboard provides exceptional and instantaneous access to the information you need to make informed management decisions.

Standard with RTA Software, RTA Dashboard lets you know, at a glance, the performance levels of every department in your company. Automatically updating every 30 minutes or less, the Dashboard gives you the most current internal statistics and KPIs available and can be customized to focus on certain departments and/or regions.

Users can choose from any combination of viewable elements, including:

  • PM Due Pie Chart
  • Requisitions Pending
  • Open Work Orders
  • Period Labor Cost
  • Equipment Status
  • Fuel Tank Gauge
  • Year-to-date Purchases
  • PTD Breakdowns

And dozens more, with new elements added regularly!

Once you see how much RTA Dashboard enhances your perspective, you’ll want to share the view with the rest of your team, which is why RTA offers its Dashboard Email add-on feature.

Give your team members the intelligent advantage they need to stay on top of production, labor, and costs with updated dashboards that are automatically sent (via email or phone) at predetermined intervals. You decide how often updates go out, who receives them, and what information is contained. Dashboards can be customized to reflect only the information relevant to a specific department.

Knowledge is power, and no one delivers it better than RTA. Contact us today to see how RTA’s Dashboard and Dashboard Email add-on can keep your fleet at the top of its game.