Fleet Success Monthly: March 2023

Get your fleet operation on the road to success with monthly tips, trends, and news.

Topics this month:

  • New Features Coming Soon To RTA’s Web Solution
  • Get to Know Us: Employee Spotlight – Kari Robinson
  • Training Tip: Change WO Columns in Web Solution
  • Thanks for Attending Fleet Success Summit
  • Register Now for RTA Connect 2023
  • Listen To Our 100th Episode!
  • New Client Welcome!
  • ICYMI: Friday Fleet Tip

New Warranty Claims Features Coming to RTA’s Web Solution

In our next release on the RTA web solution, we will be rolling out numerous new tools and features – including enhanced warranty claims tools.

The warranty claims tool is easy to use and gives your operation a fast way to track parts warranties. You can quickly view and edit claims, make notes, look at the part information, as well as see the corresponding Work Order.

Watch: Reasons To Get Excited About the New Warranty Claims Features

Warranty Claims

Some of the other top features we’ll roll out in this upcoming release include:

Parts Kits: With this release, you can quickly find, edit, and create new Parts Kits in the web solution. Inside each Parts Kit, you can add the relevant VMRS code, edit and add parts needed in each kit, add and remove attachments (such as photos of parts), and find more ways to make completing jobs even easier for your technicians.

Vendor Management: With our vendor management updates in this release, you can quickly find and edit information about all of your vendors, easily see your purchase history with them, and store blanket POs.

Class Management: In our new class management feature, you can add and edit class codes, see descriptions, add custom fields, add Asset Spec (such as the make, model, and year), and see the Replacement by Score and Replacement by Year lists. You can also add and delete attachments.

Inspection Templates: Our new inspection templates will help ensure your vehicles are safe to drive and will make inspections more efficient. You can duplicate templates and modify them to save time. You can also create a new inspection. You can quickly see a list of items that need to be inspected, and view Prompts and report Defects. You can also easily use drag-and-drop to reorder the list of items to be inspected so the order makes sense and allows your techs to efficiently inspect a vehicle.

Employee Spotlight: Kari Robinson

In this month’s newsletter we want to formally introduce you to Kari!

Kari is an Implementation Specialist and Customer Success Manager at RTA. This means she helps new customers during their initial onboarding process, and helps existing customers succeed with the RTA solution.

“I love getting to help customers succeed and see the ROI with their purchase of the RTA system,” Kari said.

Kari has also made an impact on her peers.

“Kari is one of the most driven and motivated people I have met,” said Aaron White, fellow RTA Customer Success Manager. “When she sets her mind to something she will be sure to not only get it done right, but make sure it gets done extremely well!”

When she’s not helping customers succeed, Kari is juggling a busy home life! She has two young children (Ben, 3, and Walker, 8 months), and two dogs!

Thanks for all you do, Kari!

Training Tip: Change WO Columns in Web Solution

Did you know you can alter the Work Order screen in the RTA web solution?

Customers using RTA’s web solution have the ability to add or change what columns they are able to see in the Work Order Search screen. To do this, go to:

Maint. & Repair > Work Orders

There you will see an icon that looks like this:

It is located between the “Add Work Order”, “Export to Spreadsheet” and “Export to PDF” buttons (as shown above).

Once you click the icon, you can check what columns you want to be included or excluded from your search. Then, click the X button to leave the screen.

Thanks to RTA Customer Service Representative Grant Waite for this month’s tip! If you have any questions or need more information, contact our Support team.

Thanks for Attending Fleet Success Summit

The second Fleet Success Summit is in the books! Thanks to everyone who attended last week’s event in Las Vegas. It was a great conference, highlighted by great speakers, including:

  • Tim Ammon
  • Sam Bradford
  • Marc Canton
  • Al Curtis
  • Craig Grabow
  • Anita Grantham
  • Maria Neve
  • Don Osterberg
  • Christine Rogers
  • Josh Turley
  • Tony Yankovich

The attendees all took away tips on the 4 Pillars of Fleet Success (Stakeholder Satisfaction, Intentional Culture, Resource Efficiency, and Risk Management) that they can incorporate into their fleet operations.

Register Now for RTA Connect 2023

Registration is open for our annual users’ conference, RTA Connect. This year’s event will be Oct. 3-5 at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

Spend three days getting training on the RTA system, learning about new industry trends, gaining leadership skills, networking with your peers, and more!

Sign up now to take advantage of discounted pricing.

Join Us for April Training Sessions

Do you need training on the RTA system for new hires, or do members of your staff need to learn new tips and tricks to become more efficient in the software? We have the following training classes in April:

  • Basic Training – April 4-6: This 3-day class is meant for beginners who need to learn the basics of the RTA system.
  • Advanced Training- April 14-16: This 3-day class is meant for attendees who have taken the basic course. This class will dig further into the RTA system and teach attendees new tips to make them more efficient in the software.
  • Employee Role-Based Training – April 11-13: We offer 1-day classes based on your role so you can focus on the tasks you need to perform in the RTA system to do your job. We offer classes specifically aimed at Parts Clerks, Technicians, and Fleet Managers.

Listen To Our 100th Episode!

We recently hit a major milestone with our podcast when we recorded our 100th episode!

In this episode, which we recorded live from the Fleet Success Summit, we reflect back on our favorite memories from the show so far, the role intentional culture has in fleet operations, and more.

Listen to the Episode

Welcome Our New Clients

We welcomed several new clients in March, including:

  • Plano Independent School District
  • Efficient Moving Service
  • Town of Concord
  • City of Upland
  • Shasta College


ICYMI: Inspect Your Spare Tires

When performing vehicle inspections, don’t forget to inspect your spare tires. Nathan explains why it’s so important in this recent Friday Fleet Tip.


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