​RTA Inspect provides you with a tool to manage your vehicle inspections the way you want and keep your fleet safe and compliant. Using paper inspection forms can lead to misplaced forms and communication gaps between your drivers and technicians. Instead, enjoy these benefits of an eDVIR solution:

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  • Customize your inspection templates to create a form that’s
    specific to your fleet’s vehicles.
  • Keep your fleet operation compliant with Department of Transportation mandates by ensuring all signatures are gathered and all repairs are made.
  • Keeps Your Fleet Compliant with DOT Mandates

    RTA Inspect lets your drivers quickly and accurately perform vehicle inspections to keep your operation compliant with the Department of Transportation’s requirements. These inspections are stored in the app so you can easily access them later.

    Provides Customized Vehicle Inspection Forms

    Vehicle inspections should be efficient and comprehensive. Stop having your drivers waste time with generic inspection forms. Instead, create your own form that includes components unique to each vehicle — and ensures it will pass a roadside vehicle inspection.

  • Easily Integrates into RTA

    RTA Inspect integrates seamlessly with RTA, making it the best eDVIR tool on the market to sync with our software solution.

    Improves Communication Between Drivers and Technicians

    Stop the finger-pointing between your drivers and technicians. RTA Inspect helps bridge the communication gap. Drivers can give easy-to-read reports to technicians instantly, and the shop can quickly notify the driver when the repairs are completed.

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