Fleet Management Solutions

RTA’s all-in-one FMIS is powerful, modern and web-based enabling you to confidently manage your assets, shop, parts and inventory from anywhere.

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Work Order Management

The hub of the RTA Fleet Management Software solution is the Work Order module. It ties a system of workflows together, like Parts Inventory, Purchase Orders, Vehicle/Equipment Inventory, Tire, and Fuel, giving you a powerful control center for everything you need to operate your fleet more efficiently.

  • Up to 99 repair lines per work order
  • Customer billing tracking
  • Unlimited transactions per work order (parts, tires, warranty, labor, misc.)
  • Image attachment option for every work order
  • Work order cause code tracking
  • Outside parts and labor support
  • Work accomplished code tracking
  • Purchase order tracking
  • Vendor tracking (for outside work)
  • Shop code categories
  • Technician productivity measurements
  • Work order priorities supported
  • Unlimited notes per line
  • Checklist support
  • Paperless Shop
  • Vehicle Status update from Work Order

Parts Inventory Management

The RTA Fleet Management Software solution features a robust parts inventory control system.

  • Parts Inventory

    Quickly reorder as parts are marked as “used” in the Work Order system. The Parts Inventory module includes dozens of features, including Vendor Tracking, Cost Markup, Unlimited Cross-Referencing, Warranty Tracking, and Back Order Tracking.

  • Parts Usage Reporting

    Streamline your parts inventory management with up-to-date reports on your stock. This allows you to simplify your ordering process, eliminate unneeded or unwanted inventory, and improve the overall condition of stock through better turnover ratios.

  • Vendor Performance Tracking

    Track the performance and inventory of parts supplied by your vendors – down to each brand and part type.

  • Warranty Tracking

    Track parts warranties and have real-time access to what repairs are under warranty. This lets you recover more funds from parts that are covered.

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Tire Management

Tires are generally the third-greatest expense in a fleet operation, behind fuel and payroll. So, we know that implementing a thorough tire management process will result in better cost-per-mile output and can save your fleet thousands of dollars each year.

Track each tire, individually throughout its lifespan, with one of the few, full-featured tire tracking modules in the industry.

Tire Tracking

As tires are tracked in the RTA system, mount and dismount transactions are stored for each tire, along with recapping history and eventually scrap history. Each of these transactions post to a master manufacturer file that tracks how tires from a specific manufacturer are performing in your fleet.

RTA’s Tire Tracking features include:
  • Tire Size Tracking
  • PSI Tracking
  • Tires in Inventory List
  • Tire History
  • Tire Tread Depth Tracking and more.

Vehicle and Equipment Management

To keep your vehicles performing properly, we have created a Vehicle and Equipment Management solution to help your operation avoid downtime and better manage costs.

Improve your Fuel Management, Preventative Maintenance, Vehicle Status Monitoring, Replacement and Procurement management, and more.

  • Fuel Management

    Get control of your fuel costs through RTA’s Fuel Tracking system. This feature allows you to enter fuel transactions manually, or via an electronic fuel interface linked to your Automated Pump and Tank monitoring system. RTA’s software reads the transactions produced from most fuel vendors and automatically enters them into the platform.

Barcoding and Handheld Data

To help you better manage your inventory, RTA has built-in barcoding software that’s ready to use out-of-the-box.

The RTA Barcoding system enhances your operation by providing:

  • Error-free input
  • Less manual data entry
  • Easily produced labels and part tags
  • Accurate parts inventories
  • Barcode Scanners

    Streamline parts, fluids, and fuel management with RTA’s Barcode Scanners and Tri-Coder. Experience on-the-go versatility with several exceptional programs. RTA’s wireless scanners provide operations with the ability to easily track parts management and perform parts inventory.

  • Repair History Reporting

    While RTA’s Barcoding solution is as easy as buying labels for your existing printer, we also offer barcode printers for companies looking for added support and convenience. In addition to printers, RTA also offers a complete line of compatible barcode printer accessories, including thermal ribbon and assorted label types in various roll quantities.


RTA Fleet Management Software has a robust analytics offering to help you keep tabs on your fleet. Get real-time data at your fingertips through RTA’s reporting solution.

  • Reporting

    Access more than 160+ standard reports in RTA’s solution to better manage your fleet. Reports offered include Equipment Cost and Inventory, Purchase Orders and Vendor Tracking, Parts Usage Tracking, Tire Inventory, and more.

  • Best of Crystal

    RTA offers an add-on feature (included in the SaaS subscription) utilizing SAP Crystal Reports. Available to our SaaS and Hosted SQL customers, this allows you direct access to the RTA database and allows you to create customized reports.

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Purchase Orders

RTA Fleet Management Software knows tracking Purchase Orders is time-consuming. To make this process quicker and easier for you, RTA offers a full Purchase Order module that works seamlessly with the Work Order and Parts Inventory modules.

The Purchase Order module allows the creation of a PO for a vendor to replenish your shelf inventory. Non-inventory items can also be purchased and tracked through the Purchase Order system. Other features offered through the module include Vendor Tracking, Blanket PO Support, Open PO Tracking, and Case/Lot Bulk Ordering.

  • Customer-Based Markups

    Easily set different pricing for various customers using RTA’s Customer-Based Markups feature. This allows you to set individual pricing and rates on parts and labor per customer and be able to instantly gauge the markup over cost.

  • Centralized Parts System

    Make sure your entire staff is accessing the same information about your parts, eliminating the confusion that results when different sites are using different systems.

  • Centralized Vendor System

    Ensure your entire staff is ordering from the right vendors with RTA’s Centralized Vendor System. This allows you to have one, updated vendor list that’s accessible to all purchasers on your team. The list can be easily updated and alerts all users of changes. This feature also helps keep your purchasers in line with your company’s purchasing requirements and controls.

Fleet Success Scorecard

At RTA: The Fleet Success Company, we are dedicated to helping fleets succeed.

So much so that we have a tool to make that easier for our customers.

The Fleet Success Scorecard helps fleets measure their success and will help us see where we can help our clients succeed. Through this tool, fleets can track how they are pacing under the Four Pillars of Fleet Success (Stakeholder Satisfaction, Intentional Culture, Resource Efficiency, and Risk Management), and how they compare to other fleets.

The Fleet Success Scorecard contains the following:

  • Visual representation of an operation’s overall fleet success based on their input from each of the Four Pillars.
  • Tools to obtain NPS, eNPS, and CSAT data. Through the Scorecard, fleets can send invitation emails to complete the surveys, provide a system to allow the customer or employee to respond, and a way to view the responses.

Flexible Configuration

RTA Fleet Management Software’s solution is configurable to help you run your fleet more efficiently, from being able to set up your own dashboard, to setting user-based permissions, to creating your own forms:

  • Permission-Based Access

    Limit access per user to determine which data and features are available to each member of your team and set additional security parameters to ensure your information is secure.

    User-Definable Fields

    Customize form fields needed to manage your vehicles, vendors, purchase orders, equipment, and more. RTA’s solution offers additional options that include password protection, color coding, field order/size, and font size/style.

  • Dashboard

    Get real-time information and status updates on the areas of your fleet operation you want to monitor most closely. You can choose from dozens of modules to display on your dashboard, including Preventative Maintenance Pie Chart, Open Work Orders, Equipment Status, Fuel Tank Gauge, and Labor Costs.