Fleet Success Monthly: January 2023

Get your fleet operation on the road to success with monthly tips, trends, and news.

Topics this month:

  • Focus on YOU at Fleet Success Summit
  • Get to Know Us: Employee Spotlight Bryan Judson
  • Training Tip: F2 (the Other Lookup)
  • Introducing RTA Fleet Consulting
  • Events in February
  • New Client Welcome!
  • Podcast Recap – Create Engaging Education Sessions
  • ICYMI: Friday Fleet Tip

Focus On YOU at the Fleet Success Summit

When you planned out your 2023 goals (both personal and professional), was taking time to improve yourself on the list?Fleet Success Summit

The day-to-day at your job can be grueling, and there’s likely very little time for you to close your office door and watch a leadership video or read a personal development book. We get that. However, we also know that it’s incredibly important for your career advancement — and the success of your fleet operation — for you to enhance your leadership, business, and technology skills.

This is why we created the Fleet Success Summit. This two-day event is not like the typical fleet tradeshows and events you might attend throughout the year. We attend them, too, so we know that a lot of time is spent discussing the nuts and bolts (pun intended) of your daily work. But how often do attend a session that is aimed at YOU, and helping you develop the skills you need to succeed?

At the Fleet Success Summit, over two days you will hear from 12 speakers who are there to help you. They will give you tips centered around Stakeholder Satisfaction, Intentional Culture, Resource Efficiency, and Risk Management, and use real-life fleet examples and stories to help you determine how you can implement these tips into your career and your fleet operation.

We are still accepting registrations for Fleet Success Summit 2023, but time is ticking! If you want to join us for two amazing days in Las Vegas, March 21-22, sign up today to attend!

Get to Know Us: Employee Spotlight Bryan Judson

Meet Bryan, who works in Tech Support at RTA.

Someone who is always willing to assist both his teammates and customers, Bryan helps clients set up fuel modules, and integrations, and helps solve issues you might encounter with your RTA system.

His favorite part of his job is correcting difficult issues. To him, it’s like a big puzzle with missing pieces, and he needs to figure it out.

Outside of work, Bryan enjoys spending time with his family and riding his bike.

One thing he wants our customers to know is that he’s always happy to help!

Training Tip: F2 – The Other Look-Up Tool

Whether we are trying to run a few reports for several different parts or doing audits for individual vehicles, there is nothing more frustrating than repeated data entry.

This is especially true when our part numbers look like this: 3AZ100-300-2. And while we all know how helpful the ‘f1’ look-up is in RTA, a lesser known but equally helpful tool is its brother, ‘f2’.

For those who don’t know; f1 is used to pull up the list of whatever information needs to be added (WOs, POs, Parts, etc.). This is super helpful when you don’t quite remember the information you are looking up.

The next step is ‘f2’. F2’ will copy the information down from the box above.

What does this mean? If you are pulling up reports on individual parts, in the first box you might use f1 to pull up part number 1IO0oB813S5. While I hope your parts aren’t numbered this way, you can simply click f2 to copy that information down into the next box and run the report. It saves only a few seconds but if you are spending the next hour pulling up those individual reports it can be a real lifesaver.

Thanks to Customer Service Representative Bryan Judson for this month’s tip! If you have any questions or need more information, contact our Support team.

Join Us For Upcoming Training Classes

We offer regular sessions with our expert RTA trainers to ensure your staff has the knowledge it needs to efficiently navigate the RTA system. Take a look at some of our upcoming classes:


Employee Role-Based Training (Feb. 14-16): The role-based basic training classes focus on giving you the information you need specifically for your role at the shop. Instead of attending an entire 3-day basic training class, you can attend 1-day sessions that are targeted to your job function. This ensures each session you attend is essential to your daily work.

3-Day Basic Training (March 7-9): This is a 3-day training course aimed at new RTA users. This class will teach the basics to get you up and running in the system so you can complete your daily work.

3-Day Advanced Training (March 14-16): The Advanced Full-System Training is designed for those who have used the basics of RTA and are ready to take their systems to the next level. Some previous experience with the RTA software is recommended.

RTA Consulting: We’re Here to Help

Do you need an outside perspective on your fleet operation to help you identify inefficiencies or help you resolve a specific problem?

Steve Saltzgiver

We have consulting services to help you! Our fleet experts (who have decades of experience working with fleets) can assist you in identifying areas where your fleet can improve, and offer you tips on how to make the changes.

One of the consultants on our team is Fleet Hall of Famer, Steve Saltzgiver. Steve has more than 45 years of fleet experience, and has led both large corporate fleets and public fleets. He’s also spent years working as a consultant. Now he’s here to help you and your fleet succeed.

To learn more about RTA Consulting, please contact our Sales team.

Welcome New Clients!

We added several new clients throughout January. Please join us in welcoming the following companies:

  • Ground Tek Ink
  • Brecksville Road Transit, Inc.
  • Rhino Removal
  • Linn West Inc.
  • National Trails
  • Irvin Raphael Inc.
  • Midwest Concrete Materials
  • B.R. Kreider & Son


Podcast: Create Engaging Training Sessions

Are your employee training sessions failing to engage your staff? If you walk by and everyone is half asleep or playing on their phones, it can be time to make some changes.

RTA trainer Kim Dyer joined our podcast, “The Fleet Success Show,” to share tips on how to make your training sessions more engaging and more effective.

Listen to the episode here.

Social: ICYMI

Do you have obsolete parts sitting on the shelves in your parts room? Nathan provides tips for how to eliminate these in a recent Friday Fleet Tip.

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