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We are here because of you, so we’ll always be here for you. Ask customers what sets RTA apart from its competitors and you’ll almost always hear about our “above and beyond” customer service.

Below, you’ll find several links to assist you with using RTA’s Fleet Management Software to its fullest. If you can’t find the answer you need, please submit a question to our customer support team here or call us at 1-800-279-0549 for a quick and thorough response.


No phone menus. No lost email. Talk to real people every time you call.

Open a
Support Case

If you can’t find the answer you need in FAQs, please submit a question to our customer support team.

Knowledge Base

Find documentation in our RTA Knowledge Base. Frequently asked questions, submit issues, and all other help at your fingertips.


Get more information and instructions about using the various tools in RTA’s Fleet Management Software in our user manual.


What’s New in RTA’s Software? Track all of the latest changes and system updates in the RTA software.

Feedback &

Have an idea on how to enhance RTA’s Fleet Management Software? Welcome to RTA Feedback, our official discussion site for RTA Fleet Management Software to record requests, and vote on existing ideas.


Need to make changes to the users in your RTA system? Log in and add new users or edit the permissions of existing users through the User Management Web Portal.

Mobile App

Take RTA with you on your mobile device with RTA Mobile. Access parts & dashboard tools through the app when you download Android or iOS versions.

New Host
System Form

If your company has ordered a new cloud-hosted version of RTA, complete this form to provide the names of your users and other pertinent information so RTA may begin setting up your new server.

Request Form

Register as a hosted or SaaS user*, request your application approval, and obtain your API key. Just fill out the request form here.

*Only primary and alternate contacts for a company can request API keys.

Share Desktop

Our support team can join you live on Zoom to share screens and solve technical issues even faster!