Reduce Your Downtime. Increase Your Profits.

We understand that keeping your trucks on the roadways is your top priority. If your trucks are in the shop, it means food isn’t getting delivered, and you’re not making money. With thin profit margins, every dollar matters – and every minute of downtime is crucial.

You need a software solution that can help you prevent breakdowns, save money, and keep your fleet compliant — and one that can help you maintain your warehouse equipment as well! We can help.

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We Power Some of the Biggest Food Delivery Trucking Operations in North America.

We Have Tools to Help

RTA’s fleet management software solution has out-of-the-box tools that will make an immediate impact on your refrigerated trucking company. You need to keep your trucks – and your warehouse equipment – functioning properly, and we’re here to help.




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Stay Compliant with RTA Inspect

It’s crucial to perform pre-trip vehicle inspections before every route. This not only ensures the truck is safe to drive, but also keeps your fleet compliant. Instead of having drivers skim past their required inspections – and not having the paperwork if they get pulled over – use the RTA Inspect app to track which vehicles have been inspected. You can also monitor which issues are being reported on each vehicle, and how quickly they are being repaired.

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Reduce Breakdowns with a Preventative Maintenance Program

We offer one of the industry’s leading PM scheduling tools. You can schedule your trucks – and other equipment – for preventative maintenance and set reminders to let your shop and your drivers know when your assets need to be serviced. One hour of preventative maintenance will save three to eight hours of repairs. When budgets are tight, saving several hours of labor on repairs is the difference between losing money and making money. Performing these routine services on time will help keep your trucks out of the shop and back on the roadways.

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Gain Flexibility with RTA Mobile

We understand that breakdowns can happen anywhere. If an asset breaks down on a route, you need an FMIS that can be used out in the field. Our mobile app, RTA Mobile, lets your technicians access the solution from anywhere on any mobile device. They can open work orders, look for parts, upload photos of defects, and more, from the road.

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We Offer Integrations To Keep Your Operation Running Smoothly.

Business / Financial Management

Fuel Management



Camera Systems

Don't See Your Integration Partner Listed? Just Ask. We Offer Many More Integrations!

Are you ready to learn how RTA can take your food delivery trucking operation to the next level by making it more efficient, reducing downtime, and increasing your profits?

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