RTA Mobile allows you to take advantage of some of the key features of the RTA software on your Android or iOS mobile devices.

You can make the inventory process easier by using the Parts tool in the app.
You can also have convenient access to your fleet management operation’s existing Dashboards.


Make conducting Parts inventory easier by using RTA Mobile. Downloading the mobile app allows you to use a smartphone or tablet to perform the following Parts functions:

  • Adjust parts
  • Scan parts
  • Add part tags
  • Add a vendor cross-reference for parts
  • Edit bin locations


Managing your fleet takes constant monitoring. Now you can access your pre-existing Dashboards from the RTA system through the mobile app. This gives you access to key information at your fingertips via your phone or tablet.

Learn more by watching this video.

RTA Mobile can be downloaded by RTA customers from the App Store or Google Play.

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