RTA Fleet Management Software Solutions

RTA Mobile

RTA Mobile allows you to take advantage of some of the key features of the RTA software on your Android or iOS mobile devices.

  • Make your inventory process easier by using the Parts tool.
  • Have convenient access to your fleet operation’s existing Dashboards.
  • View your jobs, clock in and out for the day, and much more in the Paperless Shop labor tool.

RTA now sells mobile device packages for your fleet. Contact us at sales@rtafleet.com.

RTA Mobile RTA Fleet Management Solutions

Make conducting parts inventory easier by using RTA Mobile. The mobile app allows you to use a smartphone or tablet to perform the following Parts functions:


  • Adjust parts
  • Scan parts
  • Add part tags
  • Adjust Inventory
  • Add Vendor Cross References
  • Scan Barcodes to find Parts
  • View/Upload images/files
  • Update Bin Labels/Locations
Paperless Shop

Access these labor features from the palm of your hand:


  • View direct and indirect jobs
  • Search for specific jobs based off of Reason/Priority codes, Work Order number, Vehicle, and more
  • Track time and automatically post labor to Work Orders
  • Perform Mechanic Inspections to ensure compliance and safety for your vehicles and your drivers
  • Perform Tire and Brake Inspections
  • Post Parts to Work Orders while working on a job
  • Alert technicians to PMs that are due soon or overdue, and any deferred jobs
  • Add new Jobs
Work Orders

Utilize these Work Order features from your smartphone or tablet:


  • View and search Work Orders
  • View cost information
  • View Work Order lines and their details
  • View/upload images and files

Managing your fleet takes constant monitoring. Now you can access your pre-existing Dashboards from the RTA system through the mobile app. This gives you access to key information at your fingertips and also allows you to:


  • Monitor important data on your mobile device
  • Stay up-to-date on your fleet when you’re away from your office
Driver Reports

Log vehicle issues from the convenience of your mobile device.


  • View vehicle information
  • Log vehicle defects
  • Update vehicle meters

Use your mobile device to conveniently perform these vehicle functions:


  • View vehicle details
  • Update vehicle meters
  • Create fuel tickets (both for on-site fuelings, as well as retail) and track consumption
  • Perform on-the-fly Tire and Brake inspections
  • View PMs and receive warnings when a PM is due soon or overdue
  • Add a new Work Order and Job for the vehicle
  • View/upload images and files

The RTA Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. 

The app can be downloaded by RTA customers from the App Store or Google Play.

[RTA’s solution is] very accurate for us. We’ve had three different consultant firms confirm that our fleet is running at the highest accuracy that we can. We also can track our parts usage a lot more accurately, which makes us more credible and makes our auditors a lot happier, too.

– Rod Permar,

Coconino County